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Exmouth XI : 20–21 August 2016

The Exmouth Exodus is a free to enter, semi-organised ride from Bath to Exmouth. You can just turn up on the night and ride. We leave at 10pm and arrive, erm, sometime in the morning. It's about 109 miles, the route is described here. The 11th annual Exmouth Exodus will take place on Saturday 20 – Sunday 21 August 2016.

Are you coming? let us know!

If you're coming this year, let us know by filling in this form. Then we'll know how much stew to make and stuff.

Do you want a coach back to Bath or Bristol?

If you're riding then you may be interested in a lift back to the start. In past years we've run a coach back, with a van to carry the bikes. This usually costs £20 a head.

If you're riding and would be interested in the coach back then let us know by filling in this form.

We need food stop volunteers

We've run the mid-ride stop for the last few years out of the Fivehead Village Hall, and that's currently the plan for this year as well. If you're interested in helping out with that stop then get in touch. We're happy to run it on the basis that whatever group runs the stop keeps the proceeds.

In previous years we've had a second stop on top of the Blackdowns but that didn't happen in 2015 due to lack of volunteers. That stop can be a lifesaver when it's wretched out, so if you can help with it, let us know.

GPX and PDF downloads of the route

See the 2015 route on Strava

GPX file (right click and Save As...)

Route instructions (PDF)

Route instructions (DOC)

Get on the mailing list

If you want to be kept in touch about the ride, you can add your email address to our mailing list by typing it in below, and clicking on Subscribe.

We'll keep you informed over the year, and pester you nearer the start date...

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